About our menu: although a lot of these products rotate through our weekly menus, they are not always available.  Special orders have a minimum quantity of 6-12 pieces, with exception to pies and cakes. Please allow 72 hours for special orders.  You may pre-order pies and cakes through our online store.  

Our signature item

Our take on the classic oatmeal creme pie.  Two soft molasses oatmeal cookies with an unduplicated marshmallow creme filling.  So delicious, you'll insist it fell from the heavens!  Available everyday in our shop.

oatmeal creme cloud


Special order requests

To request items from our bakery menu that are not in our online store (really, it's awesome - we have cakes, pies and items to ship in here) please call us at 614-477-3642  We will be happy to help you!


Your order is not confirmed until a Bake Me Happy representative has contacted you.  

Special orders have a minimum quantity of 6 pieces of the SAME flavor, with exception to pies and cakes. Please allow 72 hours for special orders.


Please note that the bakery is closed on Monday, so it make take us a little longer to respond if you call during that time. 


Please note:  The ONLY items we ship are: Oatmeal Creme Clouds, Traditional Spongies, PB Burners, and Chippies. You can view our online store here.  Thank you