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Bake Me Happy is growing!  We now have two locations to get your gluten free goodie fix.  Our original location is located in Merion Village and our satellite location is located in Dublin North Market at the new Bridge Park.  Our menu still rotates daily - with staples you love daily (like donut muffins, oatmeal creme clouds and scones) and featuring specials on the weekends.  We also highlight local Ohio coffee roasters with several on rotation.   We look forward to seeing you - we strive to provide you with the best treats and best customer service around.  We love to bake you happy!

We proudly serve Thunderkiss Coffee, a small batch coffee roaster, in hot and cold brew options as our house coffee.  We also feature other local roasters like Ramble Coffee, Backroom Roasters, Stauf's and Jennings Java and offer one and drip and whole bean bags of all the varieties.   We are always looking for new Ohio roasters to feature as we feel there are so many good options in our awesome state of OHIO!

Our coffee

Merion Village

Our orginal Merion Village location is our gluten free hub!  We offer frozen items like pie crusts, pizza crusts, breads and more...along with a full gluten free grocery area featuring our favorite and sometimes hard to find gluten free options like pastas, snacks, charcuterie, wine and more!  We also offer walk in, same day pre-order, espresso drinks and a wide 

selection of treats. 


Bridge Park North Market

Our newest location located inside the new North Market at Bridge Park in Dublin, is our satellite location.  We offer all our staple goodies like snack cakes, oatmeal creme clouds, scones, donut muffins and more!  We do not bake on site, but items are brought in from our main location in Merion Village.  We have drip coffee available, along with cold brew and a small retail freezer which has our packaged cookies, take and bake scones, Lopaus Point waffles and Sonny Marie's bread.  There are plenty of great vendors at Bridge Park who make gluten free food...our favorites are Dos Hermanos, Lan Viet and Coastal Local for great seafood 

We      Columbus

Bake Me Happy is proud to support several central Ohio organizations through in kind donations.  We work with Stonewall Columbus, Flying Horse Farms, Bridgeway Academy among other small organizations in our great city.  We also utilize individuals with developmental differences and autism in our bakery.  

Do you make cakes and cupcakes?

Yes, we require a lead of 72 hours or MORE for all cakes and cupcakes.  Sometimes our week fills up quickly, so we have to cut off sooner.  Our cake and cupcake store is located here.  We do have some cakes available in our walk in freezer for an easy grab and go option.  You can see if we have any available here in our online same day preorder.  We do not make any specialty decorations at this time.

Do you have vegan items?

Sorry, it is not our specialty and we don't offer any vegan items at this time!  

Can you do...soy free, corn free, sugar free, etc?

We have some items that are soy free and corn free, etc. but we do use those ingredients in our base flour mix (not all of our products use our base flour mix) and the risk of cross contact can occur.  Stop in and we can tell you what items are available.  We do not do any sugar free or keto items.

Do you make bread?

No, we do not make our own bread...it's just not our thing!  We understand gluten free bread is definitely something that is in high demand, so we wholesale from an awesome Cincinnati company - Gluten Free Sonny Marie's.  We carry their Philly Sub buns and Dinner Rolls in our front freezer.  It is truly the best we've tried (and we've been looking for a LONG time!)

Do you do wedding cakes/tastings?  

We do not do multi-tiered cakes, but you can order 9 or 6 inch rounds.  We do not offer tastings at this time, but you are welcome to order a sampling of our treats.

How has COVID changed your business?

Due to COVID, we have made some items on our menu temporarily unavailable due to streamlining our processes.  We also encourage if you are looking to pre-order items, you use our online same day pre-order the night before your visit (after 5pm) or in the morning of your visit. It shows EXACTLY what we have available every day in Merion Village.   We will then prepare your order and have it waiting for you.  Due to a streamlined production schedule, high phone volume and lines out our door, we most likely wouldn't be able to take phone order for items.  The online system is most efficient for everyone!  

Does Dublin have the same stock as Merion Village?  Can I order at Merion Village and pick up in Dublin?  

Unfortunately, no.  Dublin will have very similar stock as Merion Village, but due to size constraints, we don't always have the same items.  Since Dublin is under the North Market umbrella, we cannot take orders in Merion Village to pick up in Dubln...this includes cakes and other special orders.  Dublin is a grab and go location with no pre-order capabilities.