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NEWS: Both our locations are currently closed as we are moving our South Side location.  We will announce on social media when we are able to re-open!

A note about our product availability during COVID: We have cut a few items from our regular menu - you may hear us say that item isn't in production right now.  Why?  As you may or may not know, it is more challenging to get all our normal supplies right now, even a year into the pandemic.  And finding safe, specific gluten free items is even harder.  We have to plan our production carefully to accommodate two locations and work within our time, space, and employee limitations.  As a result, we've limited certain items to holidays (like pies or quiche) or certain schedules (like poptarts or moon pies) and we might book up our cakes early as well. We aren't doing this to purposely disappoint anyone, we just have to do what makes sense for our business.  Because after all, we are all humans trying to do our best in a challenging time.  Thank you.

we love what we do

Gluten free feels better for lots of people.  We believe it should taste better for all people.  


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You can find Bake Me Happy treats all around town even after our retail doors are closed. 

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